Review of .NET Beta Exam 71-300

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 7, 2002

I took the latest Microsoft .NET Framework Beta exam 71-300 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures. (A month full title, ain’t it.) I finished the exam in 3 hours of the 5 hours allowed. There was something like 97 questions for 5 case studies. Some of the questions had obvious answers while others were very subjective. People taking the test should be familiar with use cases, data modeling, functional specs, logic verses physical design considerations, and how to use selected Microsoft technologies including BizTalk, queued components, and ASP.NET session configurations. I do not feel like the test racked my brain but at the same time I am not sure I passed given that a number of the questions has subjective answers. I will know my test results in 8 weeks.

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