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Posted by Kirby Turner on September 21, 2004

Eric of Delta PointSolutions recently turned me on to a new add-on for Outlook 2003 called
“>Business Contact Manager
. I had recently migrated all my contact, calendar, and e-mail to software other than Outlook so I have the unfortunate joy of migrating everything back to Outlook. But Business Contact Manager makes the move back worth while.

A full fledge CRM solution is overkill for my organization White Peak Software making Business Contact Manager ideal for me. It allows you to manage business contacts, accounts, which are tied back to business contacts, and opportunities. BCM gives you the ability to link e-mail messages, appointments, phone calls, and more to contacts, accounts, and opportunities making it much easier to find information. And the auto link feature for e-mails is perfect for managing the countless e-mails that flow between me and my business contacts and accounts.

The add-on is very easy to learn and those already familiar with Outlook 2003 will be up to speed in minutes. It includes reporting capabilities, and helps small business owners manage opportunities. The opportunities management is one of my favorite features of BCM. I can track the progress, cost, sales stage and more.

If you are a small business owner using Outlook 2003 and CRM are overkill for you, I suggest you check out Business Contact Manager. It’s definitely worth the pain of migrating my information back into Outlook.

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