Halo2 Stats

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 23, 2004

As you can probably tell from the lack of postings to this blog, I have been busy over the last month. White Peak has new clients, which is where I have been spending most of my time. But I decided to take a break over the weekend and play Halo2.

Halo2 is awesome! The story line is captivating, the graphics are amazing, and game play is fun. Best of all, Halo2 is Xbox Live compatible. I started playing online last night with some friends. After our frag fest party I decided to continue playing in the rank matches. As expected, every player online is better than me. But what I really like about the online experience is what happens after you finish a game.

Bungie.net is tracking all the statistics from the online play, and players can view their stats as well as the stats of others through the Bungie.net web site. But it doesn’t stop there. Bungie.net also provides an RSS feed for individual player stats.

Beginning the geek that I am, I decided to add a new web part to my blog site that shows my Halo2 stats. You can view a summary in the side bar and view complete details from the halo2 page.

Now that break time is over, it’s time to get back to real work.

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