Technology of the Day: VMWare

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 25, 2003

I re-discovered VMWare today and I have to say the latest version totally kicks butt! I’m finally sportin’ a new laptop with lots of RAM and tons of hard drive space so I thought it was time to look at VMWare again. The latest workstation release, version 3.2, was very easy to install. And setting up a new virtual machine has never been easier. I had Windows 2000 Advance Server up and running in a VM session in under 45 minutes. No re-partitioning of the hard drive is required. All VM sessions are stored in a collection of files. Best of all, I can archive a clean install and restore it later after I have totally screwed up the environment. My next step is to setup an environment running Java, Apache, etc so I can demo .NET/J2EE interop. All developers should have the freedom of VMWare on their workstation.

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