Beach Vacation Ironing Board

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 11, 2003

Next week, the “cousins” from my family are getting together in Garden City, SC for a fun on the beach vacation. Historically I have not been a fan of beach time vacations but I am actually looking forward to this one. Not only will I be trying surfing for the first time, but I get to hang with the couzs and they get to meet Melanie.

Beach vacations are something fairly new to me in my adult life with the first one being last year with Melanie. So I am by no means an expert on what one needs for the beach but a flurry of e-mails have been going around between the couzs about the need of an iron and ironing board. Admittedly this has me baffled. Why would one need an iron and ironing board for this type of vacation?

Ironically, I will be the first to admit I bring an iron with me on most of my snowboard trips, but for a very good reason. I use the iron to wax my snowboard. Wax is the secret to a sweet ride. But I doubt we need an iron to wax a surf board. And even if we did, why would we need an ironing board.

I did a few searches on in hopes to understand this ironic puzzle. Searches for things like “101 uses for an ironing board” and “Why would you bring an ironing board on a beach vacation” resulted in nothing. It is probably the only topic that does not yet exists on the Internet. The irony here is that now the topic does exists on the Internet and others in search of the reasons behind the need of an iron and ironing board for a beach vacation will find this posting but still have no clear answers.

Now, I do agree that if you are going on a fancy beach vacation where you plan to dine at finer restaurants, you might have a need for an iron and ironing board. But our vacation is all about the beach, grilling out, miniature golf, and beer. And of course there will be some personal interest as well, like my attempt at surfing. But who would want to take the iron board to the beach and iron clothes?

Hopefully the answers will become clear to me next week as I am drinking my beer, listening to the surf, and watching someone pressing their swim trucks.

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