At long last...

Posted by Kirby Turner on December 3, 2002

A lot has happened since my last posting. My freebord came in but it has yet to touch cement. I have been away since its arrival and now I’m afraid Melanie will be riding it before me. Of course, maybe I can bring it with me on my trips to Florida.

Florida? Why am I in Florida when the snow is in Vermont? First, let me take a step back and recap the events since my last posting.

I was in Charlotte, NC a week and a half ago to visit my friend Dave. He is on the road to recovery but still has a ways to go. Please keep him in your thoughts. I left Charlotte to meet my mom at the Cincinnati, OH airport. This was a surprise meeting for my mom who was not expecting me to join her on her last leg to New York. We flew back to NYC together with plans to drive up to Killington, VT the next day.

Well, wouldn’t ya know. Melanie got stuck in Paris because of the air traffic controller strike. This delayed our drive up to Vermont for a day. But she finally returned to New York, and mom and I picked her up at JFK. We headed straight to Killington to meet up with the rest of the Davis family.

Killington was great. Spending time with my mom, Melanie, and her family was very nice. And not only was the turkey delicious but it snowed. Boy did it snow. I hit the slopes twice during the visit but missed the big dump on Sunday. That’s okay because I am returning to Killington Friday night.

“You still haven’t answered the question, what are you doing in Florida?” Sorry about that. So you see, during all this fun I was asked to call a potential customer to gain a better understanding of the technical skills needs. Before making the call, I was told to sale myself to the customer, which I did. And so now I am staffed in Jacksonville, FL for the next few weeks. I went for 20 degree temps and a couple of feet of new snow to short sleeve weather with lots of sun. Who knows? I may visit the beach later this week before returning to Vermont this weekend.

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