Posted by Kirby Turner on May 20, 2002

Ever feel stupid? Well I do right now. Last week I turned on my TV and poof…no picture. So I pressed the power button on the remote a few more times. Still no picture. Next I tried the power button on the TV unit and still no picture. The TV is toasted I thought

Not wanting to spend the money on a new TV, I decided to call for home service. 75 bucks for a home visit! But that is cheaper than a new TV. So after going almost a week without a TV or Amped! for Xbox for that matter, I scheduled an appointment for a service visit between 1 and 5 pm. Don’t you just love those service windows. 5:15 and no technician. Figures! So I call. He is running late and will be here within an hour. No problem. I am working anyway.

Finally the tech arrives. I buzz him into the building. We get ready to move the TV to the floor so he can take off the back of the set. I unplug the TV before the move and hear what sounds like the TV turning off! “No!” I think, “Don’t tell me all I needed to do was unplug the TV!” We move the TV to the floor but before the tech removes the back off the set I plug it back in. And guess what. The damn thing turned on!

75 bucks to have a tech watch me unplug and plug in the TV. Now talk about feeling stupid.

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