Software Businesses in Vermont

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 19, 2005

Many who know me know I love Vermont and I fantasize about living there some day. As a matter of fact, Melanie and I are planning to migrate to the New England area sometime next year.

There are many things that draw me to Vermont. Snowboarding is great, the fall colors are awesome, and the life style is just my speed especially after living in the Big City. But there is something else going on in Vermont as pointed out in this recent article in the Vermont Business Magazine.

As the article points out individuals and organizations such as Vermont Software Developer’s Alliance are working to promote Vermont-based software businesses. This gives me hope that the state may start initiatives encouraging companies like White Peak Software to move to Vermont.

Meanwhile, Melanie and I are planning a trip to Boston this weekend to start looking at towns north of Boston that will serve as our first leg in our migration to New England.

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