First Descent - The movie is awesome

Posted by Kirby Turner on December 3, 2005

Melanie and I saw First Descent last night which was also opening night for the movie. We both thought the movie was excellent. If you ride, wish you could ride, or just want to learn more about snowboarding and the history of snowboarding then First Descent is a must see movie for you.

The movie has two story lines. One story is about 5 of the world’s top snowboarder getting together in Alaska for some big mountain riding. The other story is the history of snowboarding covering primarily the 70’s through the 2002 Olympics. The movie switches back and forth through the two story lines and it definitely holds your attention throughout its entirety.

I might try seeing it again this week. And of course I can’t want to buy it on DVD.

Into snowboarding? Then go see this movie! It’s a must see.

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