Back from Vermont

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 8, 2002

Melanie and I have returned to the Big Apple after a 4 day trip through the green mountain state of Vermont. We started the road trip with a drive up the west side of the state ending at Stowe. On the way we took a sneak peek at the Mad River Glen ski slopes. The scenery was wonderful with views of lakes and green mountains all around. We ended the night with a 4th of July firework show in Stowe. Don’t be fooled by this small town. The firework show could easily rival big city firework shows. For those wondering, we spent our nights at Three Bears at the Fountain, a truly wonderful Vermont B&B.;

The next day we drove out to Burlington to see Lake Champlain. Burlington is a cool college town. Interesting people walking the streets and again nice scenic views. We left Burlington to return to Stowe via Smuggler’s Knot. What a cool drive! Large rocks, big trees, and some very tight turns that made driving a bit scary at times.

We explored more of Stowe the next day. We checked out the ski slopes and hiked down a blue run on Mt Mansfield. Riding the slopes is still a better way for getting down though. We did a little shopping and got some great deals on some ski/boarding wear. And we ended our visit of Stowe with Melanie kicking my butt at miniature golf.

From Stowe, we headed down to Killington where we stayed at the Birch Ridge Inn. Our dinner at the Inn was excellent. We highly recommend it to all Killington visitors. After picking up Melanie’s skis, checking out the Killington slopes [yes, we are obsessed], and a drive through Killington to see homes, we headed back to NYC.

Our scenic drive home took us through the southwest corner of Vermont. Unfortunately we could not see much because of the smoky haze. We later learned the hazy was caused by forest fires in Canada. This was followed by a lengthy drive in traffic between Albany, NY and NYC. This 2 hour drive took us only 4 hours. East Coast holiday travel by car can suck at times, especially returning home.

Overall the road trip was great. Vermont is great. And Melanie is great. I can’t wait until we return.

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