Not Bill Gates's House

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 25, 2007

I’m making more of an effort to check the log files from my web sites. During a recent review I noticed a number of hits coming in for the search term “bill gates house”. I investigated this more today and was surprised by what I found.

Go to Yahoo’s Image Search and search on the phrase “bill gates house”. The 4th image across the top links back to a blog posting I made 3 years go about a virtual tour of Bill Gates’s house.

The funny part in all of this is that the image displayed on the Yahoo Image Search is NOT Bill Gates’s House. It is the Round House Lodge on top of Whistler mountain. But apparently because my site is listed as number 4 people come to the blog posting in hopes of seeing Bill Gates’s house.

Sorry to disappoint but that picture is not Bill Gates’s house.

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