What a Different 4 Years Can Make

Posted by Kirby Turner on December 9, 2006

4 years ago my best friend Dave was fighting cancer. He had a rare form of leukemia called granulocytic sarcoma.

4 years Dave was fighting for his life. There were times we didn’t think he would live. I remember talking with Dave’s dad in December (4 years ago). He said to me “We thought we lost him last night.” That conversation really sticks in my head, and it was one of the worse nights for Dave during his 9 month hospital stay.

4 years ago Dave struggled to walk. Just walking to the bathroom across the hospital room was a major challenge for Dave, many times requiring assistances.

4 years later (today) Dave faces a different kind of challenge. Today Dave runs in the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon. The guy who 4 years ago could barely walk and was fighting for his life is running a marathon. Dave’s cancer has been in remission and he’s healthy again. Dave is the most amazing person I know.

Dave, have fun in today’s run!

Read about Dave’s struggle with cancer and his turn around in this Charlotte Observer article.

Update: Dave’s final time: 4:42:55

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