Repair or Replace?

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 23, 2003

My Xbox died a couple of weeks ago on my trip to Whistler. Melanie is working this weekend and I have to say I am missing the game play. So I finally called the Xbox support number to find out my opinions. The console I have needs repair work which costs $100, shipping included. A new Xbox will cost $200. The difference is I can pick up a new Xbox today but it will be a few weeks before my get back my repaired Xbox.

A part of me wants to repair the box I have mainly because I am close to finishing Transworld Snowboarding. It’s the only game I have that does not let me copy my saved games to a memory card. So if I want to continue the game, I have to repair the box. But I am jonzen to play. And starting over is not really a big deal either.

So what should I do? Should I repair or replace my Xbox? What would you do?

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