South France for the week

Posted by Kirby Turner on September 19, 2002

It’s been two weeks since Melanie and my last getaway so it is definitely time for another one. Our last getaway was a weekend at Camp Murphy in Lake George. What a blast that was!

For this getaway, Melanie and I are heading to the southern part of France. We are starting and ending the trip in Nice but we also plan to visit the town where she studied for a year. The town is pronounced “X” but I am sure there are more letters in the town’s name. If we come back it will be the end of next week. And that is if we come back.

I will not be reachable during this getaway. My mobile will not work in France and I have no plans to check e-mail. So no emergencies over the next week. Everyone say safe and enjoy life. And dream about the upcoming winter and SNOWBOARDING!

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