ICCA NYC Metro Meeting Recap

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 27, 2005

It’s not often I’m blown away by a non-technical presentation but that’s what happened last night at the ICCA NYC Metro meeting. Jeremy Rawitz presented an “in brief” version of his “Breaking the Rules…and Close more Sells” talk. In my opinion, this was the best presentation to date since I started attending the monthly meetings.

Jeremy uses an interactive approach to get points across. The exercises started with breaking the group up into teams, but instead of saying “Pick 4 people” or “This group of people is Team 1, this group is Team 2” and so on the teams formed themselves.

Pictures of animals were hanging on the walls. Jeremy asked the attendee to go stand by the animals that you feel best reflect yourself. People stood next to an animal of choice and next thing we knew teams were formed.

There was an instance bond on each team since each team member already shared something in common, the belief that the animal best represented him or herself. While the focus on the presentation was on a new sells approach, I was immediately impressed Jeremy’s approach to breaking the group up into teams.

Things continued to get better from there. Teams did different exercises to understand the traditional sells process and the problems associated with it. Additional exercises and roll playing were used illustrating a new approach to sells, which felt like a more natural approach.

At the end of the meeting, I was left with wanting more. Jeremy’s presentation was only a taste of his workshop, which I can only imagine is most excellent.

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