Freebording at Last! Freebording at Last!

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 3, 2003

After months of collecting dust, my freebord finally hit the concrete today. I tried it out for about 30 minutes along the bike path on the Hudson River. It doesn’t quite feel like riding a snowboard (yet) but that’s probably because I wasn’t going fast enough. I started with a short, small slope but quickly learned that I needed more speed to balance the board. I found a steeper slope that was a bit longer that did the trick. It was perfect for learning. I’m not doing full carves yet but I’m able to balance and ride straight.

I’m going with Melanie to PA this weekend to visit her family. The hills are much bigger there so I should be able to get in some good riding and really learn to control this thing. I can’t wait.

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