Delphi and Avalon

Posted by Kirby Turner on October 5, 2005

Back in April I blogged about re-compiling Delphi source code from the 90’s into a .NET managed assembly. Delphi (and possibly C++) is the only language I know of that provides this level of support. While many Classic VB developers are porting legacy code to VB.NET or C#, I continue using Delphi code that has been unchanged for more than 7 years.

One of the next big things coming out of Redmond that will affect Windows developers is Avalon, now called the Windows Presentation Framework Foundation. While I image there will be some migration plan for .NET developers, I’m happy to see Borland has plans to implement VCL for Avalon in 2007.

Based on my experience of moving Delphi code to .NET, I’m confident that Delphi code I write today as well as code I’ve written over the years will require little to no change with I’m ready to adopt the new presentation framework from Microsoft.

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