Travel Adventure

Posted by Kirby Turner on December 7, 2002

Today was fun travel day for me. My day began at 5:30 am packing. A quick breakfast at the hotel and a call from Melanie. I love it when she calls even if I don’t always sound like I do when I answer the phone. She called to say that her flight from Paris to New York was delayed by at least an hour. This should have given me a clue to my own flight situation but it didn’t.

7:40 am, I am at the customer site. I wrap up for the day, make a few phone calls, and head off for the airport around 10:15 am. Going through Jacksonville’s airport was a breeze. I decided not to check my bag because I knew I would be rushed at LGA transferring to the Delta Shuttle to Boston. Little did I know at the time, this would be my smartest move of the day.

From JAX to ATL (Atlanta for those who don’t know the airport codes). I land in terminal B and I must rush to terminal T for my connecting flight. The plane is scheduled to leave in 30 minutes so I am rushed. I just missed the first train to so I continue walking. Ah, another train stop for terminal T. I jump on but the train does not move. I wait. I continue waiting. I wait even more. I get off the train and start walking again. No time to waste on a downed train.

I finally make it to terminal T and my gate only to find out that my plane to New York has been delay by more than an hour. Ground delays at all NYC airports I am told. A carry over from yesterday’s snow and ice storms. And I bet the same reason that Melanie was delayed.

Great. I am ultimately going to Boston today, not New York. I am joining the others from the Davis Boys Crew. The plan is for me to meet up with Josh in Boston then connect with Fernado in New Hampshire.

Okay, so I get the wacked idea to talk to the Delta agent at the gate to see if I can make it to NYC any other way. No luck. But than I mention, “Well, I am flying back to NYC on business but non-reving from LGA to Boston. Any chance of getting me to Boston.” “Do you have any checked bags?” she asks. Nope, and lucky for me, my flight to New York was over booked. So getting me on another plane was a win-win situation for all. The wonderful Delta agent started pounding the keyboard and hooked me up.

Instead of flying to NYC, I took my final leg on the business trip to DC Reagan. Then I non-reved to Boston on Delta’s new DC/Boston shuttle. And she didn’t even bother to adjust the cost. How cool is that!?!

So thanks to Delta airlines and to my most excellent girlfriend Melanie, for whom I owe thanks for the companion pass which allows me to do last minute non-rev travel, I am not only going to make it to Boston but I will be getting there much earlier than expected.

Oh, I just realized I never mentioned why I am heading to Boston. To join da boys for a DGB weekend riding Killington. Bye, bye sunny, warm Florida. Hello cold temps and white, fluffy pow. Ookay, it’s the Ice Coast. How about white, packed pow? Either way, it’s snow and I am on the way.

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