Interesting Day Indeed

Posted by Kirby Turner on August 31, 2004

I was heading up to Connecticut for an afternoon meeting so I scheduled a morning meeting at Grand Central Station. As we drank our coffee and talked business, 18 year old “kids” (military of course) walked around carrying semi-automatic weapons. Police were in full force at all the train stops from the West Village to Grand Central. Officers performed random sweeps on the trains including the one I took up to CT. Definitely not a typical day in the office.

On a related note, I had time to kill between my meeting at Grand Central and the train ride up to CT. I decided to check my e-mail so I walked out of the station in search of a Starbucks. To no surprise there was a large Starbucks just a block and a half away. I have often joked about Starbucks being on every corner but today it paid off. And it paid Starbucks as well as I order an ice coffee and signed up with T-Mobile for a day pass. Gotta love the convenience provided by Starbucks.

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