Spam Filter Rule Changes

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 6, 2005
Attention mail users: A number of you have reported an increase in the number of spam messages received. I have adjusted the spam filter rules in hopes to reduce this number. Please note that messages flagged with spam probabilities of MEDIUM and HIGH are automatically moved to your Junk Mail folder. You can override this to have HIGH messages automatically deleted by going to Settings My Spam Filtering from the SmarterMail web interface.

If you do not want to delete HIGH probability spam messages right away, you can use the auto-clean feature. I use this to force spam messages to be deleted automatically after a few days. This gives me a few days to check my Junk Mail folder should someone report sending me an report that was mistakenly flagged as MEDIUM or HIGH.

To setup the auto-clean, go to Settings
My Folder Auto-Clean from the SmarterMail web interface. Tick the “Enable auto-clean for this folder” box found under the Junk E-mail heading. Set the size before to auto-clean to 3 MB and the size after to 2 MB. This should keep the message around for a few days to a week depending on the amount of spam in your Junk Folder.

Comment or email me if you have specific questions regarding your email account.

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