Week in Review

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 3, 2003

I figure it’s about time for me to make another posting since it’s been a while. It’s been a busy week, that’s for sure. First news is, I’m finally staffed on a project. I’m working for a customer down in Hopewell, NJ. Not the ideal location but the project works looks like fun. After more than two years with Avanade, I can finally excited about a project.

This project definitely will challenge me. I’ll be working on a piece of a integration framework with Microsoft. System level coding using the System.CodeDom and System.Xml.* namespaces with some reflection here and there. Without a doubt, I will be learning a lot on this engagement. Heck, I have already learned a lot this week alone. And my favorite .NET feature of the week is the System.CodeDom namespace. Being able to generate code in different languages is so cool.

At the home front, our blinds finally arrived. It’s bee a month since we ordered them but it was worth the wait. They look super nice in the apartment. And now Melanie can change clothes in the bedroom instead of hiding in the hallway or bathroom.

Wedding plans are coming along. We have a trip to Bryn Athyn planned for next weekend. We are hoping to get a lot done. And Dave is hard at work organizing my upcoming bachelor party to be held the first weekend in September in viva Las Vegas baby!

And finally, the WASTED Crew has been talking this week about the next WASTED trip. That and the WASTED movie has me dreaming of snowboarding once again. Skateboarding is fun and I am enjoying it, but it ain’t like riding a snowy slope. Think I might have to buy a new board this year too. But first, we have to pay for the wedding and honeymoon.

That’s it for the week in review. It’s a glorious day in New York. I’m sitting out on the fire escape enjoying the weather as I type waiting for Melanie to return from Brussels. Hopefully you are outside as you read this. And if you’re not then stop reading, shut off the computer and go play outside!

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