Turbo Delphi

Posted by Kirby Turner on August 12, 2006

Earlier this year I ranted about Borland not offering a free personal edition of Borland Developer Studio, and more specifically Delphi. A few months later a trial version was made available for download. But the new DevCo is going one step further with the upcoming release of the Turbo editions of Delphi, Delphi.NET, C++, and C#.

The single language Turbo editions come in two flavors, Explorer and Professional. Explorer is FREE while Professional will be less than $500 (and less then $100 for students). The only restriction in the Explorer addition is the fixed component palette. In other words, the Explorer edition, which comes with hundreds of pre-built components will not allow you use to 3rd party components. But that’s okay because it is FREE.

The return of single language Turbo editions is exciting news. Now all those others developers who hear me preach about the wonders of Delphi will have a chance to give Turbo Delphi a spin at no cost. And once they discover the power they will be able to buy the professional edition at a reasonable price.

For me, I plan to stick with Borland Developer Studio because I need to multi-language support. But I’m still excited about the new opportunities the Turbo editions will create.

Go DevCo!

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