C# on Linux

Posted by Kirby Turner on August 2, 2003

For grins I decided to install the latest version of RedHat Linux version 9 and play with Mono. Mono is an open source effort to port the .NET Framework to other platforms. Once I had everything installed, which was fairly simple and straight forward, I wrote a sample console application using C#. It compiled and ran without a problem.

For fun, I decided to copy the .exe to Windows XP and run the same program under Microsoft’s .NET Framework. I was delighted to see that the program ran without the need to re-compile. I also copied a program to RedHat that I had compiled using Microsoft’s .NET Framework 1.1. It ran under Mono without a problem.

There are still features of the .NET Framework not yet implemented under Mono, but there is a lot that is there. Even a test of XmlSerialization ran without a problem. And best of all, I was able to run programs under the two different operating systems without the need to recompile. Now how sweet is that!

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