Network Solution down again?

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 12, 2006

Is Network Solutions down again for a third time this year? It appears so. Their web site is unreachable and the domain names I have stored in Network Solution’s DNS do not resolve. I know my servers are up because I can reach them by IP address.

I’ve been happy with Network Solutions over the years, and I haven’t minded paying the premium price for their service. But if this trend continues then I may have no choice but to move my domain names to another registrar.

Update: After what appeared to be approximately a 30-minute outage, Network Solutions and its services are back online.

Another Update: Well, DNS is at least back. Access to the web site still appears to be a problem. At least this confirms to me that the outage I saw a little while ago is related to problems at Network Solutions.

Update: is back online as well.

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