Here I come Baltimore

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 26, 2002

Melanie and I are flying down to Baltimore today. I’m so psyched for a number of reasons. First, I have always wanted to visit Baltimore, the hometown of such greats as John Waters and Divine. Secondly, we are going to visit with Rachel and Fernado another of Melanie’s sisters and her sister’s boyfriend respectively.

Another reason for being excited is Artscape, which is going on this weekend in Baltimore. And the best part of Artscape is Buckwheat Zydeco who will be performing on the Sun Stage at 8:45 pm on Saturday. This guy really gets my butt ah-movin’.

And finally, I am psyched about the trip to Baltimore because my friends Linda and Jeff, originally from St. Louis now living in the DC area, are driving up for the weekend. It’s been two years since I have seen either of them, and I am so excited that we will be meeting up at Artscape. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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