Searching New York for an iPod

Posted by Kirby Turner on January 30, 2003

Yesterday I decided I wanted an iPod, and those who know me well know that once I get something set in my mind there is no changing it. So throughout yesterday I searched all over Manhattan for a 10gig iPod for Windows. I hit the mega stores like CompUSA but had no luck getting my hands on an iPod. [Side note: Don’t trust retail store web sites that claim something is in stock and available for in-store pick-up. On more than one occasion I have stopped by the store to pick up a gadget after checking availability from the web site only to be told by the clerk at the store that the item is not in stock. At least this has been a common occurrence for me in Manhattan.]

With no luck at the mega stores, I tried the Apple store in Soho. No luck. I pinged a friend and he suggested another local store. I called and still no luck. I called a number of other stores. It seemed that New York, which has everything to offer, was completely out of new 10gig iPods for Windows.

So you are probably wondering why I didn’t just order the dang thing off the Internet. Well, I am flying out tomorrow and I wanted it for my flight. That was the driving reason for wanting to pick one up locally. But it was not to be. The iPod of my desires was not available in the city.

I basically gave up the idea of owning an iPod and at best having it with me for my trip to Whistler. But based on a tip I received yesterday, I called The Wiz on 5th Avenue in midtown. Low and behold they had just received 3 brand new 10 gig iPod for Windows this morning. I put one on hold, jumped in a cab, and headed uptown straight for the store. 40 minutes later I pick up the last available iPod from that store. Yep, in that 40 minute ride up they sold the other 2. My lucky day.

So now I am the proud owner of a new 10 gig iPod for Windows and I am psyched. I’ll get to rock out on my flights to and from Vancouver. And I have a new way to listen to my MP3 collection while WCAV Radio is down.

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