A Computer Crash of a Different Color

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 4, 2008

My tweet from Saturday night deserves a follow up response, especially since a few folks have asked “What happened?”

Nothing major happened. We had a few people over for dinner. I needed a cable, which I keep in a milk crate in the top of a closet. As I pulled down the crate a monitor on the same shelve started to fall. I reached for monitor but with the crate in hand and standing on a short stool I lost my balance and fell. Unfortunately I hit my head on a piece of computer equipment opening a short but deep gash next to my eye. (Haha, I crashed into a computer instead of the computer crashing on me.)

There was plenty of blood and the gash looked deep enough that I knew I needed stitches. So off to the hospital for a short ER visit and a few stitches. I returned home to a hungry group of guests. Threw some chicken on the grill and continued the fun. Despite the minor mishap the small gathering was a success.

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