Using xcodebuild To Export a .ipa From an Archive

Xcode 6 changes how you export a .ipa from an archive for adhoc distribution. It used to be that you could export the archive to a .ipa as long as you had the right provisioning profile and distribution certificate on your machine. Starting with Xcode 6 you need to be a team member of the particular Developer Program account and you need to have the rights to make a distribution build. This means you need to be a team agent. However, I work with a number of clients who don’t have the clue what Xcode is much less are willing to make distribution builds, so I need to way to make distribution builds within this new limitation from Xcode 6.

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I Stopped Using NIBs Thanks to Auto Layout

The subject to this post might suggest I don’t like Auto Layout, but on the contrary I really like Auto Layout. I didn’t always like Auto Layout. For the longest time Auto Layout was a major pain in my ass, but it turns out it was Interface Builder that was causing me the majority of headaches when I used Auto Layout. So I stopped using Auto Layout in IB and I started using it in code only.

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