How To Do A Case Insensitive Search Using Parse SDK

I recently came across this question about searching using the Parse SDK for iOS. Simon asks:

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How To Present An Alert View Using UIAlertController When You Don't Have A View Controller

Over the summer I updated a number of apps to iOS 9. A common tasks for me was replacing the deprecated UIAlertView with new UIAlertController class. Generally this is easy to do, but there is one scenario that UIAlertView handles well that UIAlertController doesn’t support at all: displaying an alert view from parts of your code without a reference to the current view controller, for instance, displaying an alert view from the app delegate.

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Dispatch Async to Main Queue Doesn't Work With Modal Window on Mac OS X

I’ve been working on a Mac app lately, and while some things are similar to iOS, something are definitely different. One thing that is different are modal windows and run loops.

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