Petition to Reverse WinFX .NET 3.0 Naming

Microsoft recently announced .NET 3.0 which is basically the .NET 2.0 Framework with the WinFX library. This has caused a lot of confusion in the software developer community and is in my opinion a stupid move by Microsoft. Turns out I’m not alone in thinking this was a bad move. A petition has been started to reverse the WinFX .NET naming.

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No Love from the .NET Community

Kevin Downs, of NDoc fame, has decided to stop work on NDoc. One reason is the lack of love from the .NET community. This widely used open source tool for generating source code documentation from .NET applications has received very few community contributions and from what I gathered even less financial support. And to make matter worse Kevin was the victim of a mail-bomb attack believed to be directed at him for not providing .NET 2.0 support fast enough.

I’m not surprised at the lack of community support but the mail-bomb attack is just plan insane. I don’t blame Kevin for stepping down.

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Ever wish you could contribute to the Visual Studio and .NET Framework documentation? Now you can through the MSDN Wiki. The Wiki is already growing with a number of community contributed edits.

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Delphi ASP.NET on Mono

This blog posting by Daniel Wischnewski really caught my attention. He has successfully ported an ASP.NET application written in Delphi.NET to a Linux environment running Mono and Apache. This really doesn’t surprise me because I have in the past run .NET assemblies under Mono without a problem. But at the same time I find it very cool that it is an ASP.NET application written in Delphi, which is something I haven’t yet tried. Awesome stuff.

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Using ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 on the Same Machine

John Kaster has posted tips on using ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 on the same machine. It’s a quick read and has references to utilities that will easy the work.

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